Custom Entry Doors

Best Window Company offers a wide range of custom entry doors that satisfy the three most important standards in a door: appearance, energy efficiency, and durability.

Classic Appearance

Our Signet® fiberglass entry doors from Provia are wood-identical doors in patterns such as Cherry, Mahogany, Fir, and Oak. Each of these four choices can also be customized with seven different options for staining. Or see our Heritage™ series, with deep-contoured panels that turn a simple door into a striking gateway.

Energy Efficiency

Our Embarq series from Provia doors is rated the most energy-efficient door available in the U.S. This is the most durable, as well as quiet door on the market thanks to its 2.5-inch frame, 3/4 of an inch thicker than the average door. Its air infiltration ratings are among the highest due to its dual perimeter seal.


Our Legacy™ Steel doors from Provia are manufactured from 20 gauge steel and available for custom sizing to fit any opening up to 8 feet tall. Protect entry to your home with the most durable door on the market.

The durability of our Legacy™ Steel doors is unmatched. Crafted with 20 gauge steel and custom-sizable to openings up to 8 feet, the entry to your will be completely secure.

French Doors

A door is a door is a door. Except maybe when it’s a set of custom French doors from ProVia, complemented with sidelines to the left and right and a handsome matching transom over top.



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